Ancient Era Artistry

Ancient Era Artistry makes highly accurate, realistic "scientifically possible" dinosaur figures and dioramas.  all of the ANCIENT ERA ARTISTRY modern paleoart model kits are sculpted by Matt Ramieri.  His kits are rigorously researched, and with every species he sculpts, he makes it his mission to make each character as scientifically viable as possible. He calls his work "Scientifically Possible."  

Matt includes all the known facts and most up-to-date scientific data to breathe life into the fauna of pre-history. Alternately, Ramieri believes that each character should have a personality... an identity that reflects everything from the brutal and tumultuous lives these creatures were forced to live to the freedom and fancy of young beasts at play. Matt means to fill in the gaps between the pages of scientific journals with this philosophical point of view, and he drives the path of speculation with the creative freedom of a character designer.  

Each model produced by Ancient Era Artistry is 3d print prototyped by LFS (low force stereolithography), high-resolution resin printing technology. They are printed at a staggering .025 mm layer height.  Each model consists of thousands of layers often approaching ( or in excess of ) 10,000 layers!

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